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Handling Negotiations

Providing Appropriate Forms and Agreements

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How to Buy - Tax Advice


ICR has been operating in the Grenadines for over 8 years. We offer a selection of prime investment land, beachfront luxury homes, both pre-construction and established projects. We are dedicated to making people's lives easier, more balanced and luxurious. At the same time, we are actively working with local government organisations to create sustainable developments in the islands that work to provide a positive future for the land, marine life and community. Let us help you find your Caribbean dream property.


How to Buy


Please read the Tax Advice section below.


We escort your site visits on island and would be pleased to arrange your stay accommodation in the islands.


There are two tiers of service we offer. One involves the site trips alone. The second includes services above and beyond the regular broker’s call of duty. We offer a unique service in arranging meetings with architects, builders, bank managers and trustees and supporting your ongoing buyer’s research. A fee refundable on purchase, of USD 250.00 represents excellent value for the specialist service we provide. We are preferred suppliers and associate of the local government, the Chairman of Town planning and local developers.


To clarify, the premier service property purchase fee structure is as follows;


Fee payable by the client:

USD 250.00 refundable to the client by the agent upon purchase of property.


Fee payable by the vendor:

Agents commission.


The Alien (Land Holding Regulation) Act Cap.235 imposes a per-condition on foreigners on wishing to purchase land within the state to first obtain an Aliens Land -Holding License from the Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The Alien License is granted for a specific person for a specific piece of property or plot of land and is not assignable. A purchase must have identified a particular parcel of land and have entered into an agreement for purchasing with the seller before a purchase can apply for an Alien License. The agreement for purchasing will be condition upon the purchaser obtaining a license. An Aliens License is a permanent license which does not require renewal or payment of annual fees.


An application for an Aliens License normally takes between 4 to 6 weeks to obtain and is issued by the Governor General.


The Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines normally imposes conditions on the grant of an Aliens License. The normal conditions are:


⦁ That the Aliens License must be registered at the Lands Registry within 3 months of its grant or it is void.


⦁ That the Deed of Conveyance must be registered at the Lands Registry within 3 months of the grant of the Aliens License.

⦁ If the Aliens License is for land only, the purchaser is required to build a dwelling within 2-5 years of purchase of the land.






An application for an Aliens Land- Holding License must be submitted through a local lawyer to the Prime Minister’s office. Local lawyers charge a fixed fee of US$ 1,500 for making the application. The list indicates what will be needed to be submitted.


⦁ Completed Aliens Land-Holding Details Form

⦁ 4 Copies of the Survey plan of the property to be purchased

⦁ 2 Copies of the draft Deed of Conveyance

⦁ Date and Place of Birth

⦁ Copy of Passport

⦁ Country of Citizenship

⦁ Banker’s Reference

⦁ Police certificate of good character from country of residence

⦁ Present address and addresses for the 5 years if different

⦁ Purpose for acquiring the property

⦁ Treasury receipt for payment of the application fee of EC$2,500






The following fees apply to registering an Aliens Land- Holding License at the lands Registry.


On a Sale of land where the value:


Does not exceed EC$100,000................$10,000


Exceeds EC$100,000

But does not exceed $3,000.00..........$10,000 plus 6% of the value in excess of $100,000


Exceeds $3,000,000..............................$184,000 4% of the value in excess of $ 3,000.000





Stamp duty on the transfer of property is payable upon registering the conveyance at the rate of 10% of the value of the property as determined by the valuation Department of State of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. 5 % is paid by the purchaser and 5 % by the vendor.


There is also a registration fee to be paid upon registering the conveyance which is computed as follows: $ 40 plus an additional $2.50 for each one thousand dollars or part thereof in excess of EC$15,000


The legal costs are approximately 2.5 % of the purchase price



Property & Investment


Trailing along in the Southern Caribbean, St. Vincent lies 24 miles south of St. Lucia and 100 miles west of Barbados, St. Vincent, called “the main land" by locals and the Grenadines contain well over 30 smaller islands and cays which resemble a large kite. Covering roughly 390 sq. Km (150 sq miles). The population is approx 106,253



How to Get Here- St. Vincent & the Grenadines is reach by air from North America and Europe through six major gateways- Barbados, Grenada, Martinique, St. Lucia, Puerto Rico and Trinidad, with daily connection to Bequia.




Airports - There are five airports in SVG with ET. Joshua Airport in Kingstown being the largest. The four domestic airports are located in Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, and Union Island.



Money – The currency of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$). The exchange rate is tied to the US dollar at a rate of $ 2.68.


Electricity- A reliable supply of electricity which is generally 220/240, 50 cycle.


Health- Six public hospitals and three privately owned.


Ferry Schedule- A regular and efficient ferry service for freight, cars, and passengers operates between Bequia and




St. Vincent and the Grenadines remains one of the most dramatically beautiful and refreshingly underdeveloped regions to be found anywhere in the world. The economy of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is undergoing a very positive transformation. In addition to the ongoing development of the international business sector, the general tourism product throughout the islands had improved considerably, thus generating a general trend to the steady growth. Many investors are of the opinion that this area is one of the best emerging markets for purchasing real estate in the local economy.




Why is St. Vincent and the Grenadines a good and safe investments



In St. Vincent and the Grenadines the market is free and open to everyone and any nationality may purchase and hold land.


• International entities registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are not subject to taxation.


• Favorable Tax Laws are common also in the domestic economy.


• There is no Capital Gains Tax


• No Inheritance Tax


• No tax on dividends


• Corporate tax ranges from 10 – 35%.


• There is freedom to repatriate capital and profits up to USD 100,000. Amounts exceeding that sum require approval before repatriation, which is usually given. There are no exchange controls on current transactions under USD 100,000.


• Since the country is a British Dependent Territory, all necessary infrastructures are in place and political stability is ensured.


• The Land Registry insures that your title is guaranteed by the Crown and is registered with the government.


• A Government planning department oversees building codes and development plans.


• Much increased publicity for the islands and in turn a careful and serious approach by the Government and Real Estate Brokers to monitor developments and sustain an ecological, ethical approach to development in the Grenadines.


• As a well-established offshore finance centre, all information is held in strict confidence and title to property can be held personally, in your local trust or through your local company.


• The Islands are renowned for their sunny climate, friendly people, low crime rate, and as one of the best diving and snorkelling areas in the world.


• On main land St. Vincent the construction the international airport has a completion date set for September 2013. The increased access to the Grenadines will inevitably lead to more upscale developments in the Grenadines and increase in land prices. We have investigated the proposed flight path of flights in and out and found that Bequia will not lie in the approach path.








Bequia is not just another Caribbean holiday destination; it is a big little island with a proud sea-faring history, active community life.

Visitors come back again and again for more of that special Bequia magic, our friendly team at Island Cloud Realty can help you own your piece of paradise in Bequia. Bequia real estate market has exploded in the last two years. From being a beautiful sleeping beauty unknown to the rest of the world, this rough diamond is now one of the most attractive island to visit for real estate in the Caribbean. Successful clients from Europe and North America desirous of the Caribbean lifestyle have found this small paradise and wish to explore the unique true barefoot Luxury concept of living.





Bequia offers a wide section of properties for sale and rent and also; activities, from sailing, dinghy and kayak rentals, scuba diving and snorkelling excursions, sports fishing and day/overnight charters to other islands and cays. Or you can just laze on the one of our many beaches, swimming and snorkelling the unspoiled reefs. For landlubbers, there are tennis courts, walking and hiking trails for flora and fauna lovers and those interested in historic sites- magnificent views of Mystique and the Southern Grenadines can be seen from our mountain tops. Our ship building museum in Hamilton details the days of the great schooner builders.





The tiny island of Bequia has a Unique, magical charm that is hard to find anywhere else in the Caribbean. With fewer than 10,000 inhabitants it instantly feels like home.


Bequia fulfils many dreams of the perfect small Caribbean island: beautiful sandy beaches, lush green hillsides attractive little villages, intimate guest house, hardly any traffic, and places in which to find that perfect solitude.